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The Kamchatka Kray tourism compa­nies offer short (3-5 days) and long (1-3 weeks) hiking routes along south and central part of Kamchatka with professional and reliable guides.

Hiking routes are possible from the end of June. At this time the weather is rather warm and steady.+15+22C day time and +5+12C night time, but be ready to meet a lot of mosquitoes.

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Since Vitus Bering's discovery of Kam­chatka, the peninsula has been a scientific and research territory of great significance for all of Russia. Presently, the history, ethnography, culture, geology, volcanology, nature complexes, and more represent unlimited opportunities for the educationally-based tourism.

Opportunities for participating in arche-ological digs are open to archeologists: up to 70 ancient sites are located along the eastern and western coastlines and in the central part of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Plant life of Kamchatka has been preserved in pristine conditions in intact ecosystems and one can see plant groups representing both common and also very rare wild flowers.

Volcanic eruptions are an integral part of life on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Research of active and extinct volcanoes in Kamchatka is a unique and stirring experience for travelers.

The Pacific Ocean and Sea of Okhotsk wash the shores of Kamchatka and the rich continental shelf, river basins and lakes of the Peninsula comprise a rich laboratory and underwater world for ichthyologists.

Geological conditions of Kamchatka are also of high interest to the scientific world, as the peninsula is a young geologically developing land.

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foros by "Kamchatintur" 



The variety of birds in the center of the peninsula, on the coastline, and on the nearby islands is splendid material for ornithologists and amateur birders. Bird watching is beco­ming a more popular kind of tourism in Kamchatka. There are over 240 different species and subspecies of birds in Kamchatka. Many of species are vanishing. People interested in seabirds won't find a place better than Avacha Bay and Starichkov Island. One can observe bird colonies of Tufted and Horned Puffins, Cormorants, and other species of seabirds. Also one can meet such an interesting bird as the Steller's Sea Eagle. This rare bird nests in Kamchatka inhabiting high forests and seashore cliffs of the penin­sula.

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Kamchatka has a long tradition of moun­taineering and climbing. These sports draw interest not only of Russian tourists, but also of foreign visitors. Nearly the whole territory is covered with mountain peaks suitable for climbing, beginning with Avachinsky, Koryaksky, and Kozelsky Volcanoes and including the highest in Eurasia Kluchevskoy Volcano. This giant's elevation is 4835 m and it is located in the northern part of the Kamchatka Region. Mountain resources of Kamchatka may satisfy any requirements of representatives of this kind of tourism, from amateurs and to ex­perienced rock-climbers. Itineraries are varied and take one through many picturesque and unusual places.

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Kamchatka is laced with an intensive net­work of rivers flowing from mountains to valley plains creating a tremendous output of water energy through contrasting landscapes, and waterfalls, with rivers rich in fish and rapids. With so many rivers, the possibilities for rafting are nearly endless. One can find routes of any level of difficulty on Kamchatka's rivers. Rafting is a great way to try sport fishing. Many tourism companies offer both rafting and rafting with fishing on the following rivers: Bystraya, Opala, Kamchatka, Avacha, Kirganik, Plotnikova, ets.

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The rich natural resources of the region provide inexhaustible possibilities for ecotourism. Tours to Nature parks make indelible impressions on tourists these intact wilderness areas exist is as if created for relaxation, active outdoor adventures, contemplation, and ethnographic tourism and the history and ethnography of Kamchatka’s indigenous population present special interest. Tourism companies offer trips to the Itelmen village, Even nomad camp Manadek in Anavgay village. For the last years revival of national holidays happened that promote further development of this kind tourism.

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Hunting on Kamchatka is of great interest to both foreign and Russian sport hunters have a wonderful opportunity to acquire such hunting trophies – the Kamchatka brown bear. Moose Kamchatka snow sheep, wolf, lynx, waterfowl and game of the pine forest.



Fishing in the untouched primordial beauty of Kamchatka will give true pleasure to an angler of any level. Such species of fish as rainbow trout, large Arctic char, brown trout, and all types of Pacific salmon are desired catch of real sport fishermen and women. Fishing is possible on almost on every river of the region. Conditions are beautiful and non-Russians are allowed  catch and release fishing on spinning or fly fishing gear. Tourism companies offer the following tours: sport fishing while rafting on inflatable rafts, fishing with rafting between stationary base camps, fishing from small boats and fishing from a motorboats. Deep sea fishing is also attractive and one can catch flat fish like halibut, sole, flounder, as well as cod and perch. Also for lovers of winter and ice fishing Kamchatka winter fishing offers abundant char and smelt.

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Horseback riding is limited to summer and autumn. Nowadays horse breeding in Kamchatka is not fully developed but has great potential for future development. Horseback tours pass among picturesque riverbeds and lakes, through abrupt mountain passes and forests thickets.

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Kamchatka with its rich maritime heritage and bordered by the Pacific Ocean offers many opportunities for sailing, boating and diving. Kamchatka’s maritime treasures include picturesque coasts, bays and gulfs with rich animals populations, countless seabird colonies, fishing and hunting. The underwater regions of the peninsula’s coastline invite divers to discover one of the most exotic and adventurous experiences possible for a Kamchatka visitor. Cruises along Avacha Bay to Starichkov Peninsula are very popular among locals and guests of Kamchatka.

Annually about 12 comfortable cruise ships with foreign tourists on board approach  to Avacha bay.

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Dogsled transport is an ancient tradition for the aboriginal people of Kamchatka. There is a valuable breed of native Kamchatka dog for dogsled racing. Known as the Laika. There is a kennel of Kamchatka racing dogs on the outskirts of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Snowmobiling has dramatically increased in popularity as a winter sport on Kamchatka. Kamchatka’s vast territory and long winter provide unlimited possibilities for those who love to travel by “iron dogs”.

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Kamchatka’s six month long snowy winter and high mountains provide unlimited possibilities for skiers and snowboarders. Heliskiing and heli-snowboarding are favorite spring sports for those who can afford helicopter lifts. The most popular and accessible volcanoes for skiers and snowboarders  are Avachinsky (from the mark 2200), Viluchinsky (2173 m), Zhupanovsky (2900 m) and Kozelsky (2189 m).

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Last years paraplanerism became very popular as one of the extremal kinds of tourism. You’ll have an excellent opportunity to see the all beauty of Kamchatka from the height of a bird’s fly.


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